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“Coffee Spanish” is the language of coffee. This is a field guide for English or Spanish speaking coffee professionals who want to learn more. Learn the language of Coffee.

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Ted Stachura, Green Coffee Buyer, Equator Coffee

“An approachable exploration of the Latin American coffee scene that transcends the challenges of language barriers. More than a straightforward dictionary of translations, this field guide incorporates cultural context in a range of coffee producing countries. A useful quick reference tool for the experienced coffee buyer and an invaluable introductory resource for those new to sourcing.”

Rachel Northrop, Trader, Ally Coffee

“Part of coffee’s allure is its variance from region to region. Coffee Spanish captures the diverse languages of coffee and presents highly useful information in an easy to understand format, perfect your next Latin American origin trip!” 

Karen Cebreros, President, Women In Coffee Microfinance

“All business is based on communications acronyms and jargon unique to the marketplace. Andy and Andrew take the industry of coffee in Latin America and turn speaking Spanish while buying coffee, into a wonderful dance between buyers and producers. This is not business as usual; this is making and taking the social consciousness of speaking to a colleague to a much different level. Coffee buying is building relationships and using this clever field guide will help buy you both green coffee and a friend for life. Well done.”

Phil Beattie, Green Coffee Buyer, Dillanos Coffee

“Describing quality and the processes and controls that create it, requires language.  While English may be the language of commerce, Spanish is the language of coffee.  This book is a tremendous resource that could prove to be the secret ingredient in sourcing a delicious coffee or avoiding a major trading pitfall.”


Edwin Martinez, Owner, Onyx Coffee


“This is a wonderful tool for any coffee professional. Whether your native tongue is English or Spanish you will benefit greatly from this work. As a coffee professional, if you’re quiet and conservative this book will give you a boost of confidence, if you are more of a leaper and prefer learning by mistakes, Coffee Spanish for Coffee Buyers will help you look a bit more polished. Either way you will be on your way to becoming a better coffee person.”


Rob Hoos, Coffee Consultant & Author


“The way in which this book collates information about major producing countries, both in terms of objective and experiential information is extremely helpful. In addition, the Spanish phrases and explanation about grading, weights, and measures makes this a must have resource for anyone buying or roasting coffee from Latin America. Seriously kick ass guys!”


Nanelle Newbom, Director of Coffees, Sleeping Tiger Coffees

“Coffee Spanish is practical. It won’t help you have a conversation, but it will help your conversations at the mill, and it will help you be certain that you agreed to what you think you agreed to. I recommend it for roasters and buyers and even for coffee geeks who would like to get to know more details about the entire process of coffee. There is more info in there than translated words. I enjoyed this book more than is reasonable.”

Edwin Martinez, Finca Vista Hermosa

“En norte america hay mas de 3000 tostadores. Solo en Guatemala hay mas de 100,000 productores. Poder mejor entender el comprador es abrir mercado y oportunidad para el futuro. Con este libro uno puede mejor entender y comunicar con el comprador.” 

Mark Michaelson, Onyx Coffee Lab

“This book absolutely blew me away. Words cannot comprehend the wisdom conveyed in this precious book. Not only does it help one understand local slang and customs particular to each country in North, Central, and South America, it includes recommendations on food, beer, and clothing. This book is a must for any and all those interested in Speciality Coffee, especially in those countries mentioned!” 

 The first thing I thought when Andy Newbom told me about the book he co-wrote with Andrew Russo was, why didn’t anyone think of this sooner? A Field Guide to Coffee Spanish, is perhaps the most important book for coffee buyers on the market right now.

Sarah Allen

Barista Magazine

Traveling to origin to purchase coffees can be difficult, where dialectical eccentricities abound. But the new book from BGA co-founder Andy Newbom and Andrew Russo of Russo Roasts Coffee consultancy looks to make the process a little easier.

Zachary Carlson


For each country, the guide provides a detailed list of coffee-related terms and translations, but just as important, it offers guides on etiquette, business practices and social decorum. A large part of the field guide is devoted to helping current or potential green buyers in understanding the most current and common practices and language related to milling and processing.

Nick Brown

Daily Coffee News

Coffee Spanish

Technical translations of crucial coffee words & phrases for all Latin American coffee producing regions. Each country has a dedicated Coffee Spanish to Coffee English word widget that provides simple and clear translations of coffee technical terms and slang.

Coffee Countries

Crucial in-country data to improve your coffee buying success and streamline the complex path from cherry to green and from origin to roasting plant. This field guide is designed to provide helpful communication and relationship assistance  to empower you through the veritable language morass to coffee negotiating bliss.

Coffee Knowledge

Subject matter experts in the field chime in with anecdotes and tips for a successful buying adventure. Relationship tips and business advice for working in each country to improve your experience when traveling and buying. Where a simple translation could not suffice, these knowledgeable contributors were able to provide insight into local dialects, traditions, and terminology unique to their culture and society.

Andy Newbom


It ain’t easy being a greenie, but that’s where Andy’s 14 years of striving for coffee perfection have lead him. He has spent much of those last 14 years working with producers, millers, exporters and importers at origin to improve the quality and profitability of Specialty Coffee throughout the supply chain. Andy was the co-founder of Barefoot Coffee Roasters, Finca Coffees & Brew Revolution Craft Brewery along with his equally coffee obsessed wife Nanelle Newbom & one of the six founders of the BGA. He knows that every coffee has a home but that not every home has a coffee yet.


Andrew Russo


Andrew enjoys pouring over old roasting manuals and manuscripts. He also loves travel and adventure and finds plenty of both everywhere from Afghanistan to Nepal. When coffee and travel take a spot on the back burner, he ties up his running shoes and goes somewhere. Thus far he has not needed to use bear spray. Since embarking upon this journey called coffee, he has earned his Q Grading License and teaches extensively for the Specialty Coffee Association of America. He is the founder of the Save Lekali Fund, dedicated to helping the coffee producing region of Bhirkune, Nepal, and the consultancy Catalyst Coffee.